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5 Important Components to Unbeatable Facebook Advertising Campaigns

If you have been trying to promote your business using Facebook ads, you have lost your share of money along the way. The reason is that most advertisers assume since billions of users are on the site around the clock that they can put anything in front of them to see massive conversions. Chances are you created multiple campaigns, tested numerous demographics, mixed up the images, and changed the copy, all with minimal success.

The following 5 tips will change the way you approach Facebook advertising, especially if you’re just making your fist campaign.

1. Strong Offers Make the Campaign - You might not have the best product ion the market, but if you can convince the audience that they need it, you won half the battle. If you can appeal to the readers emotions, you will get them engaged with the content. Great offers can sell without selling, and that is the key to Facebook advertising. These users are tired of the non-stop advertising, so you need to sneak in the back door by hitting them emotionally, then they simply walk right in and check out your message.

2. Forget Vanity Metrics and Track Sales - Although seeing clicks and social interaction does help, it doesn't matter how many hundreds of people share your content if no one is buying. Many advertisers see a ton of clicks and assume they have hit the promised land, but clicks are not an indication the ad campaign is working. So these advertisers simply increase the ad budget assuming they will get more clicks and finally conversions. This is not a winning formula. Using a conversion tracker will allow you to see which ad format is leading to revenue. Remember, sales come first and engagement comes second.

3. Build Successful Ads - Many advertisers make the mistake of creating successful ads when they should be building them. Start by finding the right information for your audience, then work backwards. Think like you were going to build a building. Foundation first, building blocks, then when you get to the top, you worry about decorations and painting. By skipping the foundation and building blocks and going right to creating visually stunning content, your ad will fail all the time. Start by splitting the ad into different categories, optimize the content creatively, develop a strategy focused on conversions, and then test and test again. Your opinion in this ad doesn't matter, test everything.

4. Long Term Planning is Everything - In that effort to start making money right out of the gate, many advertisers who create Facebook ads miss out on huge opportunities. If you can make $50 on a short-term sale but $700 on a lifetime customer, you are losing money each time you make a quick sale. If you can calculate today the value of LTV, customer lifetime value, you can develop a strategy to growing your business on an epic scale. The quick sale in this case is not always the best way to build your brand and make long-term sales.

5. Setting Clear Goals - Although setting goals seems boring and counterproductive to your efforts today, you have to stop and muscle through again. Chances are this is not your first time setting goals, and perhaps you didn't realize the power here, but today you must put in the effort. Goals allow you to measure your results each day and see if things are working or they need to be adjusted. The goals act like a road map, and as long as you are able to be flexible in your approach and learn along the way, goals are the driving force that will help you exceed your expectations.

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